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    1. Welcome to Changzhou Jintan Zhicheng Machinery Co., Ltd. official website!

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      Specializing in the production of cleaning equipment,
      textile dust removal, raw material packaging


      Keywords: Cotton picker | Open loose | Cotton box | Condenser | Dust removal | Accessories | 


      >> FA002Z Automatic cotton gin

      >> FA106 Open the scutcher

      >> FA168 Continuous vibrating cotton box

      >> ZC-100、ZC-150、ZC-180 Double feed air condenser

      >> FA201Z Strong dedusting machine

      >> FA020 Fan

      ABOUT US


      Changzhou beginning of jintan zhicheng machinery Co., Ltd. ,founded in 2010, the company is located in the humanities environment harmonious calm, rapid development of industrial level the first blessing of filial piety, the great mathematician hua luogeng hometown——jintan city. Our company is an enterprise integrating r&d, development, production and sales, specializing in producing all kinds of complete sets of equipment, textile accessories and equipment for cotton spinning. Main products are: opener, mixed opener, single axial opener, automatic plucker. continuous vibration hopper, air pressure type hopper, intelligent carding continuous feeding cotton, powerful removing dust machine, pneumatic cotton assorting, and so on. First-class equipment, sophisticated technology and professional quality of talent = one hundred percent, at present, we have a high-quality professional and technical personnel and management personnel, with international advanced machinery and equipmen.
      Zhicheng machinery has always been close to the customers, taking customers' needs as the target, fully integrating the development of enterprises into the industry, never slack in pursuit of innovation and perfection. Our products have been exported to zhejiang. Shandong, guangdong, xinjiang and other large textile provinces and regions with dense textile enterprises.
      Zhicheng machinery not only new technology, new varieties, but also new concept and culture. The company actively advocates and diligently practices the modernized enterprise management idea, humanist, strives to forge ahead diligently constructs a technology progress, the management science, the cause prosperity, the talented person first-class modern enterprise. With first-class products, sincere services, and friends to work together to the depth and breadth of the international market.

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