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    1. Welcome to Changzhou Jintan Zhicheng Machinery Co., Ltd. official website!

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      Specializing in the production of cleaning equipment,
      textile dust removal, raw material packaging


      Keywords: Cotton picker | Open loose | Cotton box | Condenser | Dust removal | Accessories | 


      >> FA002Z Automatic cotton gin

      >> FA106 Open the scutcher

      >> FA168 Continuous vibrating cotton box

      >> ZC-100、ZC-150、ZC-180 Double feed air condenser

      >> FA201Z Strong dedusting machine

      >> FA020 Fan



      The new standard for the textile machinery industry was implemented in April

      The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently issued 605 industry standards such as “Spinning Preparation and Hose for Rolling Coatings on Spinning Machinery”, including 11 textile machinery industry standards.

      It is reported that the industry standard newly issued in the field of textile machinery is "spinning for spinning and spinning machinery on the spinning machine" (FZ/T93051-2016), "plastic (10225, -190.00, -1.82%) roving bobbin) Tube" (FZ/T93029-2016), "stitching machine" (FZ/T97036-2016), "General technical conditions for circular weft knitting machine triangle" (FZ/T97010-2016), "Spandex warping machine" ( FZ/T97037-2016), "polyester filament high speed spinning machine" (FZ/T96003-2016), "polyester staple fiber aftertreatment combined machine" (FZ/T96029-2016), "Martindale wear and pilling Ball performance tester" (FZ/T98014-2016), "FTY series three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor technical conditions (frame size 80-355)" (FZ/T99010-2016), "FXD series textile high efficiency Technical requirements for multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor (frame size 160-200)" (FZ/T99008-2016), "Technical conditions for high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor for FX series (frame size 90-225)" (FZ/ T99006-2016). This batch of standards will be implemented from April 1, 2017.


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