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      Specializing in the production of cleaning equipment,
      textile dust removal, raw material packaging


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      >> FA002Z Automatic cotton gin

      >> FA106 Open the scutcher

      >> FA168 Continuous vibrating cotton box

      >> ZC-100、ZC-150、ZC-180 Double feed air condenser

      >> FA201Z Strong dedusting machine

      >> FA020 Fan



      Imports of textile machinery in Wujiang area have dropped significantly

      Since the beginning of this year, the import volume of textile machinery in Wujiang has dropped significantly. From January to November, Wujiang textile machinery imported 73.514 million US dollars, down 48.4%. The main imported textile machinery includes air jet looms, water jet looms, warp-piercing machines, automatic winders, and vortex spinning machines. The main importing countries and regions are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so on.

      Affected by factors such as rising labor costs, overcapacity, and loss of orders, this year, Wujiang imported textile machinery continued to decline. Among the main imported textile machinery, the value of textile machinery such as warp-piercing machine, automatic winder and vortex spinning machine was US$38.66 million, shrinking by 61.6%. The water jet loom imported 286 units, with a value of US$7.62 million. The volume and price decreased by 37% and 31.2% year-on-year; the air jet loom imported 786 units with a value of US$26.507 million, which was basically the same as that of the same period last year.

      Imported textile machinery is an important way to increase the added value of products, reduce the cost of enterprises, and realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The Wujiang State Inspection Bureau strengthened the project management of key imported equipment in accordance with the requirements of superior service and superiority, ensuring the smooth import of imported equipment and putting into production on schedule. At the same time, the bureau strengthened the inspection and supervision of the process of unpacking inspection, installation and commissioning of imported textile machinery, normal operation during the warranty period, and ensuring the safe operation of imported textile equipment.

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