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      Specializing in the production of cleaning equipment, textile dust removal, raw material packaging, textile accessories and other machinery


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      >> FA002Z Automatic cotton gin

      >> FA106 Open the scutcher

      >> FA168 Continuous vibrating cotton box

      >> ZC-100、ZC-150、ZC-180 Double feed air condenser

      >> FA201Z Strong dedusting machine

      >> FA020 Fan



      FA030 The cotton clot

      This machine is used in the process of cleaning cotton. It is a substitute product of A045B.
      The centrifugal action of rotating airflow was used to remove short fluff and dust particles from cotton fibers.
      As a result of the removal of the traditional tuber stripping roller, a large number of strands of yarn caused by rubbing are eliminated, and the quality of the strips is improved.

      ●  Machine legend

      ●  The main specifications

      Product A030 A031
      Production capacity 800kg/ht 1000
      Power 4kw 5.5
      Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 1450×1200×1350
      Dust collection demand 4200m3/hr-75mmw-c 6000m3/hr-75mmw-c

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