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      Specializing in the production of cleaning equipment, textile dust removal, raw material packaging, textile accessories and other machinery


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      >> FA002Z Automatic cotton gin

      >> FA106 Open the scutcher

      >> FA168 Continuous vibrating cotton box

      >> ZC-100、ZC-150、ZC-180 Double feed air condenser

      >> FA201Z Strong dedusting machine

      >> FA020 Fan



      ZC-100、ZC-150、ZC-180 Double feed air condenser

      It is mainly used in the cotton clearing process of the cotton mill. By using the air flow generated by the fan, the raw cotton or chemical fiber are condensed on the surface of the mesh dust cage, and some short wool and small impurities are removed from the cotton flow. The machine can also be used for conveying or transferring raw materials.

      ●  Machine legend

      ●  The main specifications

      Item parameter
      Working machine(mm) 1060
      Total power of the whole machine(KW} 5.1
      Output(kg/h) 800
      Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 800×1520×1200
      Actual power consumption(kw) <3.60
      Dust cage diameter(mm) φ490
      Dust dragon speed(rpm) 70
      Fan speed(rpm) 1600、1700
      Fan air volume(m3/h) 5400
      Diameter after peeling cotton(mm} φ310
      Stripping cotton beater speed(rpm) 230
      Noise (decibel) ≤82

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